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Sip This for Super Healthy Teeth

How healthy are our teeth, do we real mind keeping our teeth healthy? Maybe we are prejudiced to say yes, but I assure you that there are a lot of things to pay attention to which we normally ignore. Have you ever asked yourself what really happens after eating something sugary like sweets?  We need to understand that bacteria are always restless, and grow faster in an acidic condition.
Acidic situations are created after chewing something sugary. Teeth are always in danger when bacteria attack the healthy enamel. The solution to healthy teeth is in trying to change our eating habits. For example; consider eating sweets during meal times, for the saliva production will cope with the bacteria as it will also wash away the food particles. Here are some tips you can stick to for healthy teeth.Always wash your mouth with fresh water after eating sweets. This helps to minimize the sugar content in your mouth. Secondly, learn to take some free sugar gum after eating meals. This increases the saliva production and hence minimizes the risk of bacteria attack. Thirdly, according to research done by scientists you may try taking cheese for it restores the PH level after eating. In case you are taking a soft drink always learn to use a straw to sip the drink so as to minimize the level of contact of the sugar in the drink with your teeth.You should also be careful about the drinks you take because some are dangerous to the teeth. Coffee and tea for instance stain the enamel of teeth and leave your mouth dry. Be careful on fruit juices even if they are natural since they tend to destroy the level of PH balance in the mouth. Learn to visit your dentist often.

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