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Some common nutrient deficiencies

To maintain your health you need to check the necessary nutrient inadequacy. Otherwise nutrient deficiency leads to various other serious diseases.
Folic acid is quite an important nutrient to avert the risk of insomnia, anemia etc. Lack of folic acid can cause the apathy, headache, loss of appetite, weakness etc.  Try to ingest folic acid rich foods like- dried beans, egg yolk, peaches, banana, asparagus, oranges, spinach, broccoli, sweet potatoes etc. Supplements are also available in the market, but professional consultation is necessary before taking it regularly.
Calcium inadequacy leads to diseases like- tooth decay as well as, osteoporosis, menstrual problems, insomnia, depression etc. So your diet should be comprised with calcium containing foods like- leafy veggies, diary products etc. calcium supplements are also available in the market, you can consult your doctor about consuming those supplements.

Iron is another important nutrient; especially among pregnant women iron deficiency can create problems in the growth of your baby. Some other diseases are: arthritis, digestive disorder, anemia, peptic ulcer etc.  A few iron containing food products are: artichoke, chick peas, lentils, leafy green dark veggies, soybeans, raisins, prunes etc/ You will easily get iron supplement also, but professional consultation is necessary.

Magnesium deficiency can also create problems like- muscle spasms, hyperactivity, improper function in nervous system, heart attack etc. To get rid of these ailments you need to ingest magnesium rich foods (nuts, whole grain cereal, soy milk, wheat bread, pumpkin etc).
Vitamin is also recommended as quite a powerful nutrient & its deficiency can lead to ailments like- cancer, bone problems also experts revealed that it can enhance the heart ailments. Sunray is one of biggest sources of vitamin D; you can also consult your doctor about some supplements. In your regular diet try to include vitamin D containing foods like-  cod liver oil, salmon, eggs, sardines, pilchards etc.

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