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Is It Possible to Purchase Medications without Prescription?

There are over-the-counter medicines that you can purchase without a prescription, while many serious drugs can be bought only with it. There are reasons why pharmacies are stickily regulated, but this may make a life of customers a bit more difficult. So, is there a way to get medications without a prescription?
How to Get a Prescription?
A prescription is given to a patient so that he/she could purchase a certain drug at a pharmacy. The thing is that some medications may be potentially harmful if they are used incorrectly, and that is why a prescription is sort of a guarantee that a patient has been to a doctor and consulted him/her regarding a certain health problem. A healthcare provider selects a drug and indicates a dosage and length of use depending on a range of factors, including symptoms, age and weight of a patient, other health conditions, other medications taken, etc. That is why it is so important to visit a healthcare provider personally before starting to use a serious drug. Also, there are lots of cases of drug abuse, and that is why a prescription is a way to control these situations.
Can You Purchase Drugs without Prescription?
You would not be able to get serious drugs without a prescription at a land-based pharmacy, but it is possible to do it on some websites, for instance, you can get them at this Canadian pharmacy online. It is a great option for those who know exactly what medication they need and how to take it, for instance, those who had a prescription, but it is not valid anymore. It will take you some time to go to your healthcare provider to get another prescription, and that is why purchasing the drug online without it is very convenient. It is also a great alternative for those who want to keep their orders confidential, such as when purchasing medications for treatment of erectile dysfunction.
Is It Safe to Purchase Medications without Prescription?
You can often hear recommendations to purchase medications only with a prescription, but online pharmacies try to do everything possible to make their customers comfortable. That is why they offer you to buy high-quality medications without any prescription. However, you can get an online consultation in order to get a prescription based on your answers, which is also more convenient than going to your healthcare provider. Also, when purchasing your drug from an online pharmacy, you should ensure that it sells only high-quality medications, and this information should be easily found on the website. If you have questions, you should not hesitate to contact customer support representatives of an online drugstore to clarify anything you need.

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