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Some Effective Ways of Getting Rid of Skin Tags

Skin tag is a type of soft laceration that occurs over the skin (almost like hang off). In medical terms it also known as sofr fibroma, acrochordan, cutaneous papilloma. Mostly it occurs in areas like armpits, neck etc. Usually it appears with your age. It’s made with collagen fiber (untidily arranged) with thickened epidermis enclosed on all sides. There are various options available which can help you to remove your skin tags.
Applying betadine solution or alcohol for cleaning can also help you. Plunge a piece of cotton into the solution & clean the area with circular movements. Now arrange for a piece of dental floss & make a knot at the base of the skin tag. Arrange for a sterilized scissor to chop the tag fast. Instantly put a cotton ball over it to prevent it from bleeding. You will need to wash the area well to avert any such infection. The whole process should be done under the guidance of a professional.
You can go to various dermatologic websites for finding skin tag removing drops. In such cases you should follow the instruction properly & follow them religiously (mostly it calls for 2 to 3 drops to be used thrice daily for two weeks). If you want then you can consult with your doctor too.
Cryotherapy is another known process of skin tag removing. Usually it cyro freezes the skin tag along with the blood circulation, which makes it quite easy to chop it without applying any local anesthesia. But the thing should be done under the guidance of a professional
You can consult with a doctor & go for some small surgical process with local anesthesia.
Ligation is quite similar to the dental floss process. Here we use the medical machineries to fix the knot at the base of the tag.
Prepare a mixture of baking soda & castor oil. Now plunge a piece of cotton ball into the mixture & place it over the skin tag. Apply a band aid for holding the cotton ball. It will help to dehydrate the skin tag with will lead to its automatic removal. You can apply the process thrice a day for almost 2 weeks.
Using the local anesthesia electo cauter can also be applied. In this process, it burns the skin tag & instant closing of the wound helps to avoid infection as well as bleeding.

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