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Some Natural Cures

Hair loss or baldness is quite a common problem in the present scenario. People irrespective of their age & sex suffer from this problem. When your hair turns thin it makes your appearance quite ugly, which even affect your confidence level.
Arrange for some coconut oil & boil it with some amla pieces. It has been identified to be quite a useful hair mixture.
After cleaning your hair massage the scalp (use cold water) with your finger tips, & continue till you sense the heat. It will help to improve the blood circulation.
You can also prepare a mixture of lime juice along with amla juice (same amount) & use the mixture as a shampoo.
To get some effective result you can also apply the fresh amaranth leaf juice on your hair.
Lettuce has the potential to prevent hair loss. Prepare a combination of spinach juice along with the lettuce juice & ingest regularly (almost ½ litre.).
Make a mixture of carrot juice along with the lettuce juice & alfalfa juice. Mix well & consume it regularly for preventing hair loss.
Coconut milk has been found to be beneficial for treating the hair loss. Massage the scalp with coconut milk & you will definitely notice the difference.
To get some useful remedy you can also smear the red gram or pigeon pea paste on the patches.
Small onions are also recommended for averting baldness. Rub these onions on your scalp & leave it for a few minutes. Rinse well with a good quality shampoo.
Add four tbsp of henna leaves into a cup of boiling mustard oil. Boil it thoroughly & then filter it. Use the liquid to massage the bald areas daily.

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